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The Vienna SessionsHow improvements in aquafeeds can help to close the global protein gap

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A range of topics – including the development of novel feed ingredients and ways to make plant-based aquafeeds more palatable – are covered in an exclusive interview with Ivo Landsbergen, head of animal nutrition and health at DSM-Firmenich, which is now available on YouTube.

Ivo Landsbergen discusses ways to close the global protein gap with Moritz Mueller, MD of The Fish Site

The interview is part of a new series filmed by The Fish Site’s team at DSM-Firmenich’s recent Global Aqua Days event in Vienna. In it, Landsbergen – who has been with DSM for 26 years – covers a wide range of topics, under the general theme of how to fill the protein gap.

As Landsbergen observes, it will not be possible to grow the area of global arable land by an additional 25 percent, to meet the corresponding increase in the global population – it’s a question of improving efficiency by 25 percent.

“Nutrition, in my view, is the next frontier that we could still actually exploit,” he reflects.

As a result, as Landsbergen explains, DSM-Firmenich have been involved in creating novel aquafeed ingredients, including Veramaris algal oil, in collaboration with Evonik, as an alternative to fish oil. More recently, they have been developing a single cell protein, which they hope will be a carbon-neutral – and biodiversity sparing – alternative to soy and fishmeal.

In the coming weeks interviewees in the series will include DSM-Firmenich’s Lorran Gabardo, Louise Buttle, Benedict Standen and Eduardo Yamashita. They will respectively be discussing how to combat mycotoxins in aquafeeds, the sustainability of farmed salmon, DSM-Firmenich’s product development, and the role of enzymes in improving the digestibility of novel feed ingredients.

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Series: The Vienna Sessions