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Sustainable Shrimp Partnership celebrates sixth anniversary

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Six years on from the creation of the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership, the collaborative organisation continues to push for high social and environmental standards within the shrimp sector.

The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership aims to promote social and environmentally responsible practices within the shrimp farming industry


It has been six years since a group of visionary producers in Ecuador joined forces to establish the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) - a move that marked the beginning of a new era for the shrimp farming industry. Since then, the Partnership has relentlessly pushed the shrimp sector towards both social and environmental responsibility.

Among SSP's founding members are renowned shrimp producers, Grupo Almar, Grupo Camaronero Champmar, Corporación Lanec, Omarsa, Promarisco, and Songa. Together, their commitment to sustainability allows the Partnership to tackle current challenges, anticipate future ones, and inspire others to follow their example.

The sixth anniversary of its inception provides a time to look back over the progress made by the Partnership in promoting sustainability within shrimp aquaculture. They have initiated projects to promote transparency, environmental and social responsibility, while also ensuring that the shrimp they provide meets the highest standards. This means shrimp free from antibiotics, with neutral impact on water quality, and fully traceable throughout the production process.

"SSP owes its success to the dedication of our members. Through their proactive efforts, they've shown that achieving clean and sustainable aquaculture is attainable. Additionally, they have collaborated to identify areas for improvement, leading the way towards a more responsible future for the industry," said SSP Director Pamela Nath, in a press release announcing the anniversary.

Since beginning operations six years ago, SSP and its members have reached major milestones that have changed the inner workings of the shrimp industry. These accomplishments underscore a comprehensive commitment towards nurturing sustainability across every phase of the supply chain.

The development of the SSP qualification criteria has represented a significant advancement. This norm assures the highest social and environmental standards in shrimp production through constant farm audits to ensure the absence of antibiotics, a neutral impact on water, and complete product traceability, using Blockchain technology to guarantee transparency and trust.

In another industry-altering move, the creation of the Sustainability Leadership Roundtable has been instrumental in progressing the industry towards social and environmental responsibility. Through this platform, SSP has collaborated on various projects, such as conservation and protection of mangroves in Ecuador, in partnership with Clark University and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF); and the advocacy for labour equity and living wages in partnership with the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC).

More recently, a significant breakthrough for the Partnership has been the launch of the 'Scale Up' Programme, which aims to advance the sustainable production and management of shrimp larvae by recognising and supporting hatcheries committed to improving product quality and their environmental and social impact.

Whilst by no means exhaustive of the Partnership's accomplishments, each of these advancements represents progress towards a more socially and environmentally responsible shrimp production chain, and to have made such significant changes in its first six years bodes well for the future of the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership.

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