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Anti-salmon farming advertisement removed for false advertising

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The BC Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA) has expressed gratitude to Pattison Media for taking swift action to stop airing a factually incorrect radio advertisement by Wild First, an anti-salmon farming organisation.

One of British Columbia's salmon farms

Farm-raised salmon generates over $1.2 billion for the provincial economy each year, supporting thousands of jobs © BCSFA

In the advertisement, Wild First claimed that wild Pacific salmon are “on the brink of extinction.” This sensationalist claim is false, with recent research and peer-reviewed studies confirming a record-high abundance of wild Pacific salmon in the ocean. The advertisement then called for the removal of ocean salmon farms to protect wild Pacific salmon.

“False advertisements by Wild First mislead the public, particularly consumers who rely on accurate information to make informed choices about their food,” said Brian Kingzett, executive director of the BCSFA, in a press release. “The spread of this misinformation undermines the significant contributions salmon farming provides to our communities, economy, and environment and is unfair to the hardworking professionals who contribute to this sector.”

The BCSFA points out that British Columbia's salmon farmers have been recognised globally through the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index for their commitment to sustainability and responsible aquaculture practices.

“They adhere to stringent regulations and follow best management practices to ensure the well-being of their fish, wild Pacific salmon, the surrounding marine environment, and the communities in which they operate. Canada's best science and multiple commissions and federal studies continue to support that farming salmon does not present more than minimal risk to wild Pacific salmon,” the association states.

A litany of false claims

This is not the first time Wild First advertisements have been removed due to false information. The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) recently announced that Wild First’s anti-salmon farming billboards around Ottawa were removed due to false advertising. CTV News Vancouver also removed a news segment with anti-salmon farming advocates that contained false information, after the BCSFA filed an official complaint.

“The continued spread of misinformation by Wild First and other anti-salmon farming organisations emphasises the need for responsible advocacy, based on facts and science,” said Kingzett. “We commend Pattison Media for their commitment to promoting accurate information and ensuring that false advertising is promptly removed.”

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