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Seafood Task Force announces new members

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Expanding its activities across the Asia Pacific, the Seafood Task Force - a trade association representing members of global tuna and Thai shrimp supply chains - has announced new members.

The trade association has also announced a ten-step plan to improve traceability and hiring practices within the industry

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Founded in 2014, the Seafood Task Force brings together some of the world’s largest retailers, seafood brands and their seafood partners, helping them to drive supply chain oversight and continuous improvement from vessel to plate as they serve more than 350 million customers globally.

Current members of the association are working to produce fully traceable, ethically produced and environmentally responsible seafood, meeting international social and environmental standards and growing due diligence requirements.

Announced in a press release this morning, 17 companies from India, Indonesia and Vietnam joined the trade association's 30 existing seafood industry members at a recent summit in Bangkok, signalling a significant expansion in the geographical reach of the organisation. Amongst the newest members are Avanti Frozen Foods, Kader Exports, and Devi Seafoods - India's largest exporter of shrimp.

The trade association, which has marked new milestones on ethical recruitment, vessel assessment and environmental standards across global seafood supply chains, is currently working its way through a comprehensive ten-point plan to further improve the operating standards of participating members. The plan includes standards for increased accountability and traceability; enhanced tuna supply chain oversight; improved worker hiring practices through a responsible recruitment program; and a draft Environmental Code of Conduct for Aquaculture.

The draft includes measures to protect natural habitat from conversion to shrimp farms, and is currently being piloted in 12 shrimp farms across Thailand with the objective of decreasing the use of natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint of the industry.

It follows the successful introduction of a Social Code of Conduct by the organisation in 2018, which has promoted a greater understanding of vessel crew welfare and aligns with international standards.

“We’re delighted to welcome eight new major global suppliers to the STF community as we expand our reach in Asia Pacific. They will add invaluable country-specific insights as well as extensive industry experience to the Task Force as we continue to make progress on worker rights, conversion-free farmed shrimp, and sustainable sourcing across both shrimp and tuna supply chains,” said Martin Thurley, executive director at the Seafood Task Force.

“Our focus is on fixing: taking concrete steps on the ground which are realistic and achievable. By leveraging supply chain partnerships and making decisions together, we are driving real impact,” he added.

The Seafood Task Force will present at the Boston Seafood Expo on March 10th, 2024, where a panel of members will outline its ongoing work and future ambitions for the industry. The panel will explain the STF’s step-by-step process to restore global market confidence to trade and keep the seafood industry competitive, working collectively to bring greater transparency to the supply chain whilst reducing costs.

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